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Specialty Printing

At Trenear Printing we believe that standing out from the crowd is a necessity in today’s business environment. This is why we offer our customers as many specialist printing techniques as possible that we are capable of producing in house. This gives you the confidence that we will give you the correct information when discussing your design. We are also able to control timing to ensure you receive the job when you need it, at an attractive price.

The processes that we currently provide in house are as follows,



A bright and luxurious application giving life and depth to any article.

This is a process of using heat to transfer a film of colour on to your desired job. Most common techniques currently use Magnesium etched die to create the an impression area to transfer the foil to the stock. The common colours that you will have noticed in the past are golds and silvers but there is a large array of colours available, from metallic greens to cherry reds. Please speak to one of our customer service reps for more details.

foiling from corporate australia's printing specialist



An elegant embellishment that increases the tactile and special awareness of a nicely produced job by creating a multi dimensional paper surface.

This is a process of using pressure to change the shape of the substrates surface. We create a die commonly out of magnesium to create the impression that is desired

embossing from corporate australia's printing specialist


Raised Printing / Thermography

A “thermal emboss” giving a regal height and texture to type and fine areas and type. Perfect for business cards, Stationery and  Invitations to name a few.  This is produced by dusting a special thermography  powder over wet ink. The powder sticks to the ink and excess is removed by vacuum suction. Rapidly heated to expand the powder that is mixed with the ink. Giving the ink a gloss raised effect.

raised printing from corporate australia's printing specialist 


Die-cutting / Perforating / Scoring 

If you want your job to be a particular shape or fold, Die-cutting and scoring is what is done to achieve this. Using one of several different techniques we are able to die-cut score and perforate your products to the right shape.

die cutting from corporate australia's printing specialist


Adding a protective robust finish to the product with dramatic gloss or matt finishes. This is  a process of attaching a very thin film to the surface of a printed product to prevent damage getting to the stock. Whilst giving the finished article a pronounced gloss or matt look.

celloglazing from corporate australia's printing specialist

Spot Matt Gloss Celloglazing

This gives us the ability to get the best out of both gloss and matt Celloglazing on the one job. By being  able to choose different areas that you would like to make gloss or matt cello, you are able to create fantastic contrasts and highlights on the finished article.

spot matt celloglazing from corporate australia's printing specialist 



Give your job the importance it deserves by making it an item that can’t be just tossed aside without hurting someone. We carry a range of thicknesses and colours  to get the job looking its best

mounting from corporate australia's printing specialist


Edge Painting

This is a fantastic way of finishing off you unique piece. Whether it is your business card, invite or unique marketing piece edge painting always gives a point of difference and a lustre of importance. This is a process that we have recently developed and is constantly evolving with new possibilities and looks achieved. So give us a call and speak to our production staff or sales to see if this process is right for you.


After an absence of 30 years, Trenear Printing are recommencing ink based letterpress printing. Our enthusiasm for the craft of letterpress combined with our expertise and love of design lends itself to exploring the boundaries of print through a unique aesthetic and tactile feel of letterpress. We take great care in developing strategic concepts with engaging designs that are expertly  executed.  Working closely together through communication and collaboration we can bring your project to life. We are having huge success with a range of stocks including some cotton and recycled papers. The impression Looks fantastic and gives a great tactile surface feel.